September 12th, 2013

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Calm Me

Watching TSLA on Google on Mac/Apple computer.   I can't log into Apple.  Over and over again but can't get it.  I have to go see a stud muffin.  I tell myself I can fix this problem.  While in meditation it comes to me that I have to replace the keyboard batteries.  I came home tonight and it is working.  I got on my Apple computer without freaking out.  I am so proud of myself.

Here is something to make your computer go faster:
This is brilliant technology! My stripper daughter works from home 2 days a week and this adapter gave her direct connection without running a 100' CAT5 line under her house! SHE Lovessssssssssss it. Plug it in wall socket and now your computer is faster fast.  woo hooooo

D-Link PoweLine AV

Will be taking funny photos of the cat this weekend.

Had dinner with new fetish photograper from LA.  Real silk stockings baby is on the way.

I've started excellent reviews of men that I know on my RB forum.  Why not be positive about them with me.