September 16th, 2013

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Sexy Geek Chat

Teckie Guy:  I actually saw, Microsoft XP note that chatting with Zoe Zane may crash the system.

My reaction:  LOL. Not me, I'm stable secure who makes sure you can keep jerking to mature MILF porn.  HA!

TGuy:  This all sounds kinky like I'm clicking on you baby.

My reaction:  I thought that was tweeking you?  ha ha ha - opps, I hope the CEO of twitter has laughed at this before.  Praying.  Oh, he is guy he will like it.

TGuy: Unfortunately if I see you ..... my operating system may crash fast.

My reaction:  I know have to keep your driver up and running longer baby cakes.
TGuy: My memory is you flashing, flash memory off freeway.

It will be a flash memory. My reaction:  Yes, I love to flash out in public wherever I can and not get caught.  That is the thrill.  That memory will keep flashing in your mind sweets!
TGuy:  Insert my thumb drive.  My reaction:  yum yum
I'm one of those geeky teck guys especially with you Zoe baby.
TGuy:  We could probably make something that sounds kinky with "RAM"

  1. How RAM Works

    RAM is the best known form of computer memory and easy to upgrade. Learn how RAM works, what kind of RAM to buy, and how to install it.

    My reaction:  I put my hand on your RAM and do this up and down.  It RAMs up higher.  I like your RAM.  I take it and install it into my girlie plug.I bet you have more hard drive space than a tera (Symbol T) terabit.  HA HA HA, my reaction to "RAM"

    TGuy:  I have 8 terabis just for you Miss Zoe!!!

    My reaction:  zowie - now we are talking - your RAM and 8 T bits -  I WANT IT !@#$%^&*...!   OOOO woo hoo