September 20th, 2013

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I play classical music when I dominate male slave "Shostakovich" 5th Symphony

Yesterday morning at 9AM PST, I boldly laughing tied up my Monterey male slave to the bed. I asked some well know Mistresses in the bay area to show up and laugh at him. While we humiliated his tiny wee wee, I played his favorite music. When I came home from college, I listened to classical music with my Dad, much-ly and constantly together. It was how I was able to be close to my Dad growing up. He played the music from a vintage mid-century modern stereo. Fond memories of my childhood, Zoe Zane.  classic artful female domination the happy domme fetish diva diamond aka zoe zane


During the session all the Mistresses talked and laughed
about fire play (fantasy and psychodrama mind games).
It made my white male slave harder. He started to beg
to be owned, to be branded.