September 24th, 2013

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Review of site

by website caused "brut force attack" on my site.  Freeones must attract porn attackers by the droves.  LOL.  I wonder if the review is with it ??? - I do not like getting attacked by porn hackers.  I use Strong Box to stop repeating iP address rotating username and passwords.  It does stop them. If I did not have SB my site would shut down ans cost me money for over use of bandwidth.  OFM.  In RB chatroom, a network administrator told me that big companies use Coyote, F5 - in front of server to stop hackers.  I think that what I'm doing on the Net is noteworthy at my age for porn.  I think the hackers like to get whatever they can for free and sell it out to free porn hacker sites.  I am just one of many they try to hack offa.