September 25th, 2013

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You and I are not so different ..... except for one thing

What we did together ....  As you said, "We always have fun together!"  We are not that different, more like this way..... love was in our face a different way. Mine was controlled like yours by someone in charge.  We were loved strangely.  Mine was not noticeable like yours.  You got total attention and way out there..... full mass attraction.  Mine was still love but I did not see it.  It was there but my love was to be not noticed.  It's a hard way to go un-noticed.  You do every-thing to be noticed ..... but S T I L L ..... not noticed.  The love you received made you spoiled for 1000% "give it to me" hefty attention.  If you do not get it you throw a tantrum, stomp your feet like a spoiled brat child.  Since you were spoiled you think you are entitled to whatever you want.  ONLY .... the real truth you are a spoiled cry baby that is not that great. Being spoiled has tweak your brain thinking, "I can have it, my glorious attraction and bountiful attention ..... because I want it.  Since I got it for so long as a spoiled child, I deserve it".  But it does not work that way.  And since I was not appreciated for what I did give WHICH WAS a HUGE amount..... I will not tell you how to get what you want.  What you do is take it all and use it for your gain, and do not care about what it did.  I will not throw my gems to a spoiled cry baby that is ungrateful and not thankful.   And since you are spoiled in your big star mind you will end up wasting away to frustrated gray never thankful for what you did have.  All you think about is what I can get ..... for me me me.  So go on and blow yourself up in your big fat ego.  It will be too late and still be crying like a big baby boy kicking his legs for his Mama's attention. 

and this is what I found today 09/26/13 about your karma ..... the desire for revenge is a favorite theme of movies. It is presented as being glamorous, stirring and noble. How many films build their plots around the heroes seeking paybacks against their enemy? It's good I'm not in your path and not taking the heat for your enemies. I already did that and still paying dearly from your sting. Sooooo ..... I am out of the way and in my good happy smiling place with my 3 male cats called the "Monster Cat Crew". My boys are protecting me!!!