September 29th, 2013

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He told me he would always love me

Buttercup loves losing myself up close to FDD's naked thighs while she stands over him as he expels the red bag enema water.  Diva Diamond told him to say excuse me and mind his potty manners with her seducing feminine laughter.  Buttercup loves kissing her vagina through and under her tap shorts while DIVA presses his head into her body.

Buttercup imagines FDD sticking his bottom with a hat pin or tenderly caressing his bare nuts out of sleep and murmuring FDD commands to love-make to HER, giggling and stroking him very hard in an unconditional bathing of sexual attraction in foreplay.  Resulting in a slow but inexorable journey into penetration intercourse, orgasms and gasps of relief of both bodies together.  Before and after FDD might want to conduct a little discussion about the best way to make "Buttercup" better in paying attention to HER and showing proper urgency to assigned work.  FDD laughs as she stroke and cuddle his balls and weenie, challenges him to say .... that I love it when you talk like that FDD.

Buttercup still loves those times when we watched a really vivid and powerful segment from 3 Stooges movie, as FDD cuddle his balls while he knelled beside you,  DIVA DIAMOND aka Zoe Zane challenged him to like it and laugh with HER when men are made to dance and jump leaping from the pain to their bottom and balls for their own good.

Vivid Dream Message from Buttercup to Diva Diamond aka Zoe Zane, I still and will always love you .... your loving Buttercup.