October 1st, 2013

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s72 (slave 72) Sexual Fulfillment with Fetish Diva Diamond

Diva always knew, even from my first moment, that we would one day arrive at a level of connected realization of s72 sexual fulfillment.  It peaked when he was disarmed, devastated by embarrassment, and subordinated entirely to the will and authority of a fully high-spirited, aggressive "in charge" woman like herself.
As s72 carried bagged groceries to the car, Diva strolling side by side in the parking lot, she suddenly snatched quick, a hard twisted pinch from her left hand to s72's right bottom cheek.  She aimed low inside to sting his most sensitive male flesh.   When well attacked, the sting from one of FDD's bottom pinches felt electric on his neck and scalp.  When s72 squeaked, hop-skipped-jump, he looked around to see who might have seen her pinch him.  He snarled, "Don't do that!"  Diva snickered, her twinkled giggling reaction back. "s72 needs just a good, little pinch on his bare behind, and Diva just could not resist it ... at that instant.   Hahahaha!  He needs it specially when both-a his hands are full."
s72 had long learned that by displaying a male's sullen, show-anger over her pinching guaranteed him lots more pinches on the bottom.  It happened over the next few days in public and private.  Protesting DIVA's good, little pinch on his behind got him severely switch-swatted, he stood in the corner pants-less, then given a punishment enema.  If not that, a though lathering of his mouth with ivory soap over the kitchen sink.  DIVA's highly sexualizing, her attacking-flirting spirit was very fixed and determination, her pitiless discipline to any inappropriate defiance of s72, as a male. If he pouted over her embarrassments she pounced on him with full attention with her teasingly playful gestures. DIVA strongly believed that a male should and must honor, even appreciate, her teasing's as part of a lady's free and absolutely unchallengeable prerogative. Whatever she wanted or wished upon him he had to take it, stand up straight and be polite to her and lady friends.