October 3rd, 2013

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Run Away Buttercup

At a certain moment I discovered I could manipulate any sexual situation so I would get diddled. I did everything to make her mad so DIVA would tear my pants off where ever she wanted.  One time she took me into the men's bathroom and tore them off laughing and swinging them high in the air.  As other men walked in, Diva's arm crossed boldly, stood starring at their every move.  I was bare naked from the waste down with hands over my tiny dick.  She snapped a fast look, tore my hands away.  I knew I must obey while the other men looked at my tiny no manhood.  The men did not know what to do so went about their business.  DIVA owned the room with her powerful smiling presence.  We moved her pulling on my ear to a private stall.  She made me sit down on the potty and stare into her panty crotch.  Diva would finger herself smiling.  I was not allowed to touch her or myself till the men left.  She pulled out a long trench coat for me to wear pant-less to the car.  DIVA was unpredictable and I must do as she commands at any given moment.
When I stood pants less in the corner after daring a protest from DIVAS good, little pinch, she sneak up close to my face snatched up my bare balls in the palm of her hand.  I hated but loved what she did to me.  I refused, ran away but longed to have her snatch them up again and again.  I missed it, wanted her closeness and the touch of her finger tips.  THEN, as she tugged, twiddled and tenderly squeezed my balls in her firm, gentle grip, she low sexy voice, lectured scolds and then coo-ed in my ear saying,
"Buttercup, a little gentleman always, always must give DIVA his attention and not be so damn ornery".  B would terribly misses her sense of humor about himself when they were quiet.  He always wondered what she would do to him constantly.  Even in his sleep, he had no peace.  She was a devil Queen and was never off. All this running away from her, was his edging need for his DIVA passionate sex, her giving it to him, a good little pinch on his behind.  His secret hand jobs to himself were his run aways from her.  It hit him, his need for DIVA to hat pin him from behind to make him jump for her full attention was filed never to be erased. He has this grabbing heart attraction for her snickering big smile and tap shorts in his face.  DIVA might let go of the balls, then a light twiddle, one finger stroke and flutter-wave teasingly again her forefinger tip up and down his balls.  Over the crack of his bottom as she coos, "That is why DIVA needs to give her little man, Buttercup a really good swattin' on his soft, bare behind.  DIVA makes his soft behind so warm and rosy-striped for days on end.  His running is wasteful for he runs back in wanting lust.  He needs her attention on his bottom, balls and wee wee by the one and only FDD. That is why, good sir, now ..... she might give him a huge soapy enema with lots of Ivory suds just to get all Buttercup's  ..... HOT AIR 'n phooey doo doo outta.  He has been acting like he is just way too, too big for his britches.  DIVA can and she will pinch her Buttercup on his behind just whenever she wants to - do not ever forget that!  Do you HEAR me?"

I KNOW buttercup ACTs WAY TO BIG FOR HIS BRITCHEs thinking .....