October 5th, 2013

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iFriends.net Live Cam comments - Naked Teacher Only Wears Silk Robe

During the live cam show, Miss Zoe did cam2cam like Skype.  I told the male in his video, I want to see your stiff hardon, jerk your dick, beat your meat for me!

GUEST135 [13:35]: nice tits bb
GUEST24GUEST240 [13:33]: i want to stick my tounge between your legs zoe
KISSZOEZANE [13:33]: i will tie up up and tease you THEN give u a spanking on my bare lap
GUEST65 [13:32]: nice ttis bb
GUEST240 [13:31]: love the way your cunt taste
KISSZOEZANE [13:31]: ill pull r pants down i want r dick
KISSZOEZANE [13:31]: r u naked
KISSZOEZANE [13:31]: hi
GUEST65 [13:31]: hi
KISSZOEZANE [13:31]: WOWI told one of my students to bear his dick.
GoPrivate [13:30]: This session is now available to all members
JASON12347 [13:28]: tell me to beat it
JASON12347 [13:28]: watch me jerk off
GoPrivate [13:27]:  JASON12347 Now @ $3.59/min for private 1-on-1. When finished, click 'End Private Session' and resume free session
JASON12347 [13:26]: yes,as long as u watch
GUEST240 [13:26]: yes i didn't do my class work your a bad teacher
JASON12347 [13:26]: want to watch me beat off on cam
1J1J1J1 [13:26]: anything BIG?
1J1J1J1 [13:26]: what kind toys do u have?
JASON12347 [13:25]: can i be your jerk off boy in private
GUEST240 [13:25]: had a session with the teacher zoe at class room 110
KISSZOEZANE [13:24]: yes cam2cam
BIGD22009 [13:24]: you want to fuck
JASON12347 [13:24]: do you cam2cam
JASON12347 [13:24]: made me rock hard
JASON12347 [13:24]: yes
BIGD22009 [13:24]: i wish you were my school teacher
JASON12347 [13:23]: your big tits spilling out of ur top
1J1J1J1 [13:23]: my pants r offa!
JASON12347 [13:23]: i was naughty and had a hard cock
KISSZOEZANE [13:23]: pull r pants offa
JASON12347 [13:23]: finger in my ass as ur friends watched me jerk off
GUEST135 [13:23]: mmmmmmmmmmm
JASON12347 [13:22]: would you make me jerk off in front of you and ur girlfriends
1J1J1J1 [13:22]: can we see ur ass?
JASON12347 [13:22]: can i fuck those big tits
1J1J1J1 [13:21]: hello!
JASON12347 [13:20]: would blow my load deep inside ur pussy
BIGD22009 [13:20]: nice pussy
GUEST241 [13:19]: slm
JASON12347 [13:19]: can i be ur jerk off boy
GUEST135 [13:17]: nice tits bb
LEGLOVER604(VCW) [13:16]: hi bb, are you wearing heels
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