October 14th, 2013

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American Horror Story and Zoe Zane


I have an admirer who associated my blond looks with female movie star Jessica Lange. I know my experience and maturity matches her acting energy 100 times a 1000. Jessica and I are one with Coven. It must be fate that I'm watching and taking in the entire series of AMH. Nothing is an accident. Jessica has taken older women out of the box in Hollywood. I remember how she was when younger, her sweet alluring sexiness. I'm flattered that someone in my world thinks I'm like Jessica Lange. She shows the audience how evil demon women can be and GET away with it. With all that has come to year 2013, powerful females are most important in this day and age. I know the Coven AHS is make believe but knowing who you are is not.

I love Jessica as the Superior Coven Witch (how her "hiding in the shadows witch" daughter wants her dead).  Jessica Lange sucked the life OUT of the cosmetic empire male till he died an old man.  She brought back Kathy Bates from her grave. The chambers of horror owned by Kathy Bates is most hideous beyond belief  ..... and ..... how she could do such terrible things ..... BECAUSE SHE CAN!  The power word is "CAN".  The deep south and Klu Klux Klan is so witchy bad in beginning trailers of AHS.  Racists in my mind till I associated the KKK hats with witch craft hum, ???.  Now a different way of looking at the KKK and black magic.  Twisted indeed. (was not able to post photos of kkk and blacks against the klan - a edgy, highly charged subject and American Horror Story uses it in the series - burb).

Many want to know how I look so great for my age .... I have practiced Bikram yoga over 10 years working hard to build a happy healthy spine getting rid of emotional fears along the way. Right now, I am pushing through a huge fear and I will not let it get me down!