October 15th, 2013

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A private talk with myself

and everything that is coming up this week.  I feel like I am on edge of my seat with GOV/White House uncertainty.  I must stay grounded and to my rules for whatever is dished out on Wednesday affecting Thursday.  Even though I'm a very social creature, this year has pushed me to be more pensive and careful who I hang with.  On Friday evening, I will will be at "Psychic School" with Nadia a very grounding lady.  She is part of my circle of dominating female women.  Certain submissive have not be honest with me and I know it.  I will hold them at bay for the time being.  I will not be in their path of destruction.  I know they are taking themselves out but that is not my problem.  Other close friends, I'm letting them go for they live in too much drama 24/7.  I am disciplining myself in the direction of peace. "OM" is my favorite word lately.  I must stay calm in the brink of AMERICA'S storm.  It will take much self-control to keep my mind still. 

I find myself letting people on the street and cars ..... go first. There is much craziness going on with the world.  It's better for me to be kind that be aggressive. It does try my patience but my heart tells me to be kind and compassionate. My abused sister  .... I sing happy birthday to her everyday and it makes her laugh. She's had more than her share of grief.

Cat story about Peanut Jr, who is a jumper off the roof.  I see he wants to jump more and more.  I will make sure he is safe.  This morning Peanut Jr. cuddled up close to be warm.  He throws his head back on my face and falls asleep.  When he's done cuddling he gets up to be with himself.  He is a major mush-ball with me lately.  Even though he is a major brat cat I love him.  He is so funny how he dominates the kitchen when he is hungry.  Then he falls down on the rug in the back bedroom to take a nap after his dinner.  Laughing.