October 18th, 2013

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The class of HELL

I was having my own party with my best friends after Bikram yoga, the class of HELL with male teacher Jason.  Jason is inspiring and we have a special connection. Myself and fun friends were talking about dying hair, decorating nails for Halloween.  My black male friend became Eddie Murphy, Miss Teeth will be a fetish punk-out Beetle Juice doll, her girlfriend will dye the tips of her beautiful, black hair red.  Me, I am the Zombie Cheerleader or Prom Queen (I have been both in my lifetime in high school - it seems I've been a cheerleader and queen on and off all my life.  I find it interesting that I had to force myself to take it seriously.  I'm all about fun, dance and college with my sense of humor and my guide, the Mad Hatter!!!)  From now on I will refer to Bikram yoga as "Hell of Yoga" class.  I was tripping talking about stocks with a delightful girlfriend's boyfriend.  I told her what I do.  I have not seen her.  Maybe she can not handle that I do porn (I thought she could handle it, really).  I hope she comes back and I did not scare her away.  I'm the portal to be yourself and not be afraid to be yourself in the yoga community.  Tonight, I go to Psychic School for mediumship class.

My Crystal Ball video link:  http://www.zoezane.com/Pages/Images/crystal_ball.png