October 19th, 2013

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Hunter's Moon Friday and Saturday October 2013

Last night driving to Psychic School, I had the moon in my face.  Did a 4:30 pm yoga class, all my senses freaking wide open.  Sight and sounds blasted me so much I threw a white towel over my head like white rapper.  Driving was edgy, I took side streets to get to studio, get cleaned up, quickly off to school.  The Hell of Bikram Yoga was too much for me last night.  Next Psychic class, I will not do the Hell of Bikram Yoga.  Lately, I've felt like a tee totter. LOL.  So much change for my life.  Now in class room with Psychic medium reader Nadia, I feel safe but my body was screaming from every cell.  I sit down but one chair away from the next woman.  We all brought photos of loved ones.  During the reading the photo is face down.  You use your psychic abilities for the person or persons in the photo.  Objects carry energy or messages.  You can get information from those objects about a person.  Are we weird?  Not really.  I was right on the money when I read another woman's personal object.  Our psychic abilities as a class impressed Nadia our instructor.  VERY very impressed!  Our abilities to be psychic were exceptional.  Our class was the best she has every experience for psychic reading abilities.  WOW!   I need to understand and prepare for the next class.  In a reading by a Russian woman, I felt attacked by her.  It was very upsetting.  Come to find out she was talking about my Dad who passed away.  Dad was saying he was sorry for what he did to me as a child.  The Russian woman was cold and made it sound like I had the problem.  FREAKING ZOE!  I have girlfriends who are Russian in my yoga class.  Some are nice ..... others are heartless.  The one Russian woman last night was cold hardcore, unfeeling human being.  Next time I run into a Russian woman at psychic school I will steer away.  The Russian woman talked about Russian, how it is gray and cold all the time.