October 26th, 2013

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Big BOOBIE school teacher live cam show Saturday morning

KISSZOEZANE [15:24]:  your teacher will pull your pants OFFA and give you a spanking
KISSZOEZANE [15:23]: only in paid cam show bitch boy
KISSZOEZANE [15:23]: NO - first lesson pay your teacher in private detention room bitch ..... PUT on my tiny pink panties NOW!!!!!
GUEST20 [15:23]: say jordan please
GUEST20 [15:22]: can i were your outfit and be a sissy for my teacher?
KISSZOEZANE [15:21]: teach males how to be mysex bitch - how to jerk his wee wee off with my hands
GUEST20 [15:21]: what do u teach?
GUEST20 [15:20]: give me detention.....  I asked you stupid questions like an dummy - you make me go crazy!  I did it on purpose to make you mad teacher
GUEST20 [15:19]: hi school teacher
GUEST20 [15:18]:  im 20 and unruly
KEV_ROB_69ER(VCW) [15:17]: <Private> i can miss zoe
KISSZOEZANE [15:17]: hear this bitch boy you are my sex slave
GUEST20 [15:16]:please talk to me and give me attention PLEASE Miss Zoe .... please
KEV_ROB_69ER(VCW) [15:15]: <Private> what does she like done to her big tit?  ---- YOUR teacher likes to rub them all over your face and SMOOTHER you
GUEST253 [15:15]: your wig matches your pink pussy, it matchs your vagina
GUEST253 [15:14]: nice wild pink fetish wig Miss Zoe
KEV_ROB_69ER(VCW) [15:14]: <Private> and such big titties too ----- YES they are huge like 38DD biOtch!
GUEST253 [15:14]: hru
GUEST253 [15:14]: hello Miss Zoe Zane, I am late for your class (was jerking off in the boys bathroom thinking about your big tits teacher)
KEV_ROB_69ER(VCW) [15:13]: <Private> mmmmm, so hairy
GUEST20 [15:12]: im jordan
GUEST20 [15:11]: hello mistress I am horny and need your punishmnets
KEV_ROB_69ER(VCW) [15:10]: <Private> oh miss zoe i saw up your skirt
GSG257(VCW) [15:09]: <Private> mmm those some great tits
KEV_ROB_69ER(VCW) [15:09]: <Private> hi miss zoe
TALLGUY282 [15:08]: hi
KEV_ROB_69ER(VCW) [15:07]: hi
$ -- GUEST81 [15:06]: hello school teacher
$ -- GUEST81 [15:06]: can u say hi bb...wanna hear your voice
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$ -- GUEST81 [15:05]: feel like some c2c??
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