November 2nd, 2013

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Kisszoezane Live Cam Show - BD/SM DETENTION ROOM

This detention room is for your laughing entertainment ..... how bad boys are made to love BD/SM

KISSZOEZANE [12:57]: I heard you say a dirty word, Did you say whore teacher??? Tell me your dirty word
or I will wash your mouth out with ivory soap. And if you tell me the dirty word, you still get punished. NO MERCY in this classroom. Dirty word boys get red bag enemas. Gotta clean out all that stinky da da doo doo.

KISSZOEZANE [12:50]: Hum. Call me baby! The Principal is going to dip a thermometer in a bottle of hot sauce. We'll tied you over the desk with your bare bottom in the air. She'll put a pillow under your stomach. Now she can insert the thermometer in you bum bum.


GUEST64 [12:49]: Take off some of those clothes baby.

GUEST130 [12:49]: Can you flash me?

GUEST130 [12:47]: Like full out so I can see your nipples.

Miss Zoe comment: I gave you a big spanking and you are still asking to see my boobs. The Principal will ball gag you and tie you to the chair. Since your pants have been taken offa she and I will tease your wee wee. Ha Ha Ha

GUEST161 [12:47]: damn lovely woman

TOMBOY75 [12:47]: nice

Miss Zoe comment: There is no boob flashing for you! You did no turn in your homework. Here I come, take this and that with my hair brush, a long spanking in front of the Principal. You sit down and finish your homework or she will use her strap-On on you!

GUEST130 [12:46]: Your really pretty teacher Miss Zoe, is there any chance that you can show me your boobs please please .... I wov big boo boos (.)(.)

KISSZOEZANE [12:43]: DETENTION CLASS FOR UNRULY BAD BOYS has started, take your seat and sit up straight. I want to see your hands on the desk not on your pants.

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