November 6th, 2013

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Yesterday, I threw out stuff left with me from Mr. Deadwood (whose dick is failing daily and his pathetic life story is running out) .  Have you ever been used and then thrown away?.  Were you told you were the ONLY one and it was a fat lie?  I'm sure many of you are feeling my pain.  Today, I feel like a rag muffin which is not what I am.  It's not much fun to find out you are NOT the one and only.  I had a underground friend tell me that she session-ed with Mr. Deadwood.  She was told all the same flowered up, gooey flattering words like I was told.  You are glorious, beautiful wonderful and have a magnificent smile, Mistress.  I love you and will always love no matter what happens.  She heard the same line like I heard.  About how much I adore you (but I have other women in my life leading them on with my bull-shit stories ..... THAT you do not know about).  You are not the one and only but I will insure and make you think and feel, you are the one and only ..... THAT I love.  Miss Zoe aka FDD Fetish Diva Diamond threw HIS words and lies away in a big green dumpster yesterday.  Now Karma will do her job on Mr. Deadwood.  I am to beautiful to take this FOOL'S abuse.  See the picture below Mr. Deadwood, I threw your fake love in the trash can.  From my psychic self and higher protectors, I was told that you already and still will hurt me.  So fucker, I am onto you and see your game.