November 9th, 2013

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FACIAL0069 [13:18]: <Private> ok
GUEST142 [13:17]: zoeeeeeeeeeeeeee
FACIAL0069 [13:17]: <Private> goo slurper
KISSZOEZANE [13:17]: prick
KISSZOEZANE [13:17]: wee wee
GUEST142 [13:17]: l licked the teachers cunt tasted goodddddddd
KISSZOEZANE [13:16]: doo doo fuck
FACIAL0069 [13:16]: <Private> ass gaper
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [13:16]: <Private> lol
FACIAL0069 [13:16]: <Private> jizz spitter
KISSZOEZANE [13:16]: crack wipe
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [13:16]: <Private> good fuck
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [13:16]: <Private> cock tease
GUEST142 [13:15]: had a session with the teacher she tied me up
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [13:15]: ass fucker
FACIAL0069 [13:15]: <Private> ball drainer
KISSZOEZANE [13:15]: ho
KISSZOEZANE [13:15]: butt licker
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [13:15]: <Private> felatio
FACIAL0069 [13:15]: <Private> throat gagger
KISSZOEZANE [13:14]: cunt
FACIAL0069 [13:14]: <Private> cum guzzler
KISSZOEZANE [13:14]: slut
KISSZOEZANE [13:14]: cock sucker
KISSZOEZANE [13:14]: bitch
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [13:14]: <Private> tease
GUEST142 [13:14]: met the teacher after class
FACIAL0069 [13:14]: <Private> charlot
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [13:14]: <Private> in the office
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [13:14]: <Private> i work in a factory
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [13:13]: <Private> yes
FACIAL0069 [13:13]: <Private> cum bucket
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [13:13]: <Private> cumsucker
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [13:13]: <Private> whore
FACIAL0069 [13:13]: <Private> trick
FACIAL0069 [13:12]: <Private> Do u deepthroat?
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [13:12]: nympho
KISSZOEZANE [13:12]: another word
GUEST142 [13:12]: hi bambi
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [13:12]: <Private> slut
FACIAL0069 [13:12]: hello
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [13:11]: <Private> that body makes me want to learn
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [13:11]: <Private> you are a fucking hot goddess teacher
KISSZOEZANE [13:11]: say one dirty word to your teacher
KISSZOEZANE [13:11]: too u can not talk dirty
GoPrivate [13:09]: This session is now available to all members
BOOMER5413 [13:09]: nice
BOOMER5413 [13:09]: mmmmmmmmm
BOOMER5413 [13:08]: mmmmmmm
BOOMER5413 [13:08]: cumming
BOOMER5413 [13:08]: make me cum sexy
BOOMER5413 [13:07]: close
BOOMER5413 [13:07]: mmmmmmmm
BOOMER5413 [13:07]: yes
BOOMER5413 [13:06]: mmm
BOOMER5413 [13:06]: mmmmmmm
BOOMER5413 [13:06]: want to cum on those beautiful tits
BOOMER5413 [13:05]: wow
BOOMER5413 [13:05]: stroking
BOOMER5413 [13:05]: let me see that sexy body
BOOMER5413 [13:05]: yummmmmm
GoPrivate [13:05]:  BOOMER5413 Now @ $1.80/min for private 1-on-1. When finished, click 'End Private Session' and resume free session
ILVECLIT [13:04]: <Private> oralsex
BOOMER5413 [13:04]: ha
BOOMER5413 [13:04]: damn
BOOMER5413 [13:04]: hey sexy
KISSZOEZANE [13:04]: u do not know how to talk dirty
GUEST78 [13:04]: hi
ILVECLIT [13:03]: <Private> cunnilingus
ILVECLIT [13:03]: <Private> blowjob
KISSZOEZANE [13:03]: one nasty word
ILVECLIT [13:02]: <Private> your cunt is hot!
ILVECLIT [13:02]: <Private> very orgasmic
cmynutz(VCW) [13:01]: u first
ILVECLIT [13:01]: <Private> your pussy deserves to be pleased
ILVECLIT [13:01]: <Private> outstanding
cmynutz(VCW) [13:01]: let me suck those huge nipples
KISSZOEZANE [13:00]: type out dirty words
cmynutz(VCW) [12:59]: shut u slut before i cum in ur mouth
cmynutz(VCW) [12:58]: whoa shes swingn
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [12:58]: caress your thighs
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [12:58]: rub your legs
cmynutz(VCW) [12:58]: fuck u in the ass while holdn ur tits in front of the class
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [12:58]: rub your back
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [12:58]: rub your legs
GUEST39 [12:57]: spank my ass with a ruler
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [12:57]: caress tyour feet
cmynutz(VCW) [12:57]: lick ur sweet asshole
GUEST39 [12:57]: ill turn in your homework
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [12:57]: eat your pussy
GUEST39 [12:57]: I want to ravish you with A+ homework
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [12:57]: anything you ask
GUEST238 [12:57]: do you like black cock baby
cmynutz(VCW) [12:57]: im gonna suck and fuck ur asshole
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [12:56]: im gonna do whatever you ask
GUEST39 [12:56]: first take off the shirt
GUEST39 [12:56]: maybe my homework is inbtween your breasts
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [12:56]: can you smother me with those tits
cmynutz(VCW) [12:56]: im bad
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [12:56]: <Private> ty teacher
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [12:55]: <Private> yes
cmynutz(VCW) [12:55]: how can we get extra credit
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [12:55]: <Private> do you want me to worship you teacher
GUEST39 [12:55]: ill do my homework if you suck my cock
GUEST39 [12:55]: you are my homework
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [12:55]: <Private> i must obey you teacher
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [12:54]: <Private> what do you want me to do
GUEST39 [12:54]: i want to suck on them
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [12:53]: <Private> teacher i must obey
GUEST39 [12:53]: take them out of that shirt
GUEST238 [12:53]: hey baby
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [12:53]: <Private> i want to
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [12:53]: <Private> im so weak
GUEST39 [12:53]: squeeze those boobs
BOOMER5413 [12:53]: yummmm
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [12:53]: <Private> no fair
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [12:53]: <Private> nipple tease
GUEST39 [12:52]: wow pinch them
BOOMER5413 [12:52]: looking fine as always
WALKING_HARD_ON_65 [12:52]: <Private> hi sexy
GUEST39 [12:52]: can we see the breasts
BOOMER5413 [12:52]: hey sexy
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GUEST39 [12:52]: does this naughty teacher have amazing breasts?
GUEST39 [12:51]: you look soo beautiful
GUEST39 [12:51]: Hello
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