November 12th, 2013

Mature MILF Photos Movies

It is so lovely to be admired

Miss Zoe,
               WOW again! In the 7th pic in issue 767 (southern charms), you just had on fishnets with NO SHOES. The only part of Your foot I couldn't see was Your toes.Emoji YOU TEASE!!!!!!! I LOVE it. As I have said in the past, tease and denial is one of my favorite turn ons!

    Then in the 2nd pic, You were wearing light brown FLATS!!!!!!! VERY SEXY!!!!!!! Your fingernails were "done" VERY SEXY and wondering if Your toes were like that or my favorite color pink?  ...NATURAL UNPAINTED TOENAILS!!!!!!! When my teacher Miss Zoe has painted fingernails and NATURAL TOENAILS!!!!!!! .....WHAT A TEASE!

    In issue 768, I masturbated over the pic of You wearing one brown flat and one BARE FOOT with NATURAL TOENAILS peeking out from under the bed spread!!!!!!! OVER AND OVER. My little dickie was raw.  I know I'm a bad boy and I need to be punished! ..... smack swat swit swat my bare bottom - owie owie Miss Zoe.

    I LOVED the pic especially because i knew Your fingernails were "done," but You TEASE with NO POLISH ON THE TOES! THANK YOU! It is getting colder. I wonder if You will be wearing socks this winter? Hmmmm. LOL. I wanted SO BAD for You to whip me with a switch and "make me" smell the insides of Your flats!