November 14th, 2013

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Ex-lax cures rude males attitude (This guy must have a small dick and hates women who are powerful.  He has to email you and will his sorry ass fantasy on you!)

Males comment: I am a few years older and would enjoy putting you over my knees and adminitering a good old fashioned spanking on that full well rounded bare bottom of yours. surley would not be your first nor last spanking either. all the best. Mike (FDD comment:  as you read his email this guy did not correct his spelling on certain words which tells me he is not professional but likes to harass women like myself on the Net)

Diva Diamond's comment: How old are you? - FDD, Fetish Diva Diamond (getting ready for the kill)
Males comment:  63, good shape retired from the Army, and aside form a sizzling big smile, you could well end up with a sizzling fanny as well.  I would venture to say that you are not adverse to having your prized derriere bared and spanked.  Mike

More Male comment:   I would still like to raise that skirt and soundly spank that mature prozed bare bottom of yours. Let me know when. Mike

Diva Diamond's comment: Alright Mr. Idiot 63, who has no respect for women. (Zoe Zane)
If you are a top talking to a female top WHO does not advertise as a switch, it shows me you get off privately downy powerful women.
What a chicken shit!  Whatever Mr. Idiot who wants to slap my bottom!  I do not like being spanked at all.
This is what I think of you and your numb nuts for brains... fuck OFF!
If you email me back I will block your sorry email.
Someone one needs to put ex-lax in a dessert and watch you lose control on the potty!

HA HA HA ~ Fetish Diva Diamond