November 15th, 2013

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Miss Zoe diapers Student 72

Miss Zoe tricked me into thinking the class was going to have my birthday party. She told me it was a themed party and everyone was going to wear pajamas wanting me too dress as a baby. She wanted me to wear a diaper, booties and a lace bonnet. I thought this was a strange request, but wanted to please Miss Zoe. The more I displeased her, the more she kept her feet hid from me in boots, sneakers or flats.  So I agreed.

    Maybe if I did as I was told, Miss Zoe would "reward" me by wearing sandals or pumps that she would dangle for me.  I was exited about having a party at school. Anything to get out of MATH! Miss Zoe gave me the diaper, booties and bonnet the day before. The diaper was silly had rubber duckies all over it.

    When I got home that day I went and tried on my baby clothes felt so silly...especially the bonnet. I wondered what kind of party this would be. I was thinking about Miss Zoe's BARE FEET and my tiny penis started getting hard, so rubbed the front of my diaper several times and it felt REALLY GOOD!

    Almost ready to cum, I stopped, not wanting to cum in the diaper and get a paddling for it. I took off the baby clothes, got dressed again and went about the rest of the day, anxious about what was to come the next day. Little did I know the joke was going to be on me!

    I wore regular school clothes to school the next day, not wanting any other teachers or students see me dressed as a baby. I had my diaper, bonnet and booties in my backpack and rushed into the bathroom to change, hoping everybody would be in class by the time i came out.

    I went into a stall and stripped, put my school clothes in my backpack and put on the baby clothes rushed to class. When sneaking through the hallway, trying to hide from any teachers who still might be lurking around, the bell rang, I started running. The booties were like knitted socks and they were difficult to run in.  LOL.

    I didn't make it in time. As soon as I walked into my classroom, hysterical laughter came from everybody except Miss Zoe, who looked mad! However, she was even beautiful when she was mad. I looked around and nobody else had a costume on. I felt humiliated and ridiculous!

    I looked at Loren and she was pointing and laughing at me. Miss Zoe snapped me out of it and shouted "YOU'RE TARDY!"..."And why are you dressed as a baby? You look ridiculous!". I was so embarrassed. I started to cry because I knew if a student is tardy, he or she gets paddled. -----  to be continued student 72