November 19th, 2013

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Put the Breaks His Orgasm


Senior Staff Writer, The Kernel


As a pro domme, I've used chasity devices on men.  One male, dressed as a sissy slave, I was driving the car from the department store.  He was wearing a leather penis restrainer with lock.  I threw the key out the car window laughing.  I had a extra key in my purse.  You should of seen his face.  It was hilarious.  I had complete control over his orgasm  He asked for it and I gave it to him.  Another male brought over a metal cuff devise.  I locked him up and sent him home.  He was told when to call back.  He did not make it.  Hearing his voice how he wanted to get off was amusing.  He asked for it and I gave it.  Better know what you are getting yourself into with chasity device "Mr. I do not want to cum!"