November 21st, 2013

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Closure ~ Burn David Burn

It is important to have closure to a bad romance.  And when the "BR" it is not good it is cell splitting drama.  Some people are not good for you.  That is why last night after American Horror Story, Miss Zoe Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond took a photo of DAVID and burned it.  I burned David with fire.  He always wanted his fire so I gave it to him.  I watched his face light up under the flames and I smiled.  Burn DAVID burn.  In my world of fetish drama this MTFER led me to believe he loved me forever.  He was seeing other women and slammed it in my face.  He LAUGHED at me boasting about another women. He ONLY cared about himself and his new found loves.  He went away showing little respect for me or my service.  I was his dominating Mistress but more like his friendly corner, street whore therapist. Later on he turned on me calling me a whore.  David hates women!  His is like Evan Peters in American Horror Story - Coven, where Evan is brought back from the dead like Frankenstein and molested by his single parent Mother.  David is a time bomb monster and I burned the monster.  He uses his big gentlemen words and money to buy women's love.  He quickly got engaged after one month dating his new found foreign love.  What da fuck!  He spent $15000 or more dollars on this woman and did not get laid.  I say .... he is still paying women to be his whores but makes it out to be legit.  When his engaged woman discovered he had a cootie health problems, she ran.  I'm sure he has many more foreign women on the string.  He knows he can bull shit them to like him. American women are too smart for his crap.  American women see David as an American Dead Masturbator.  That is the only was he has sex with himself.  Married several times, now he's looking for some foreign woman to love him just for himself.  If you think I am angry, I am.  I burned David in the night air.  I no longer care about his return.  In fact, I am giving him too much attention by writing this story.