November 22nd, 2013

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Spank student 72 Story

Nov 19 at 4:23 PM
Miss Zoe was fed up with me for not turning in my homework assignments lately and daydreaming in class. She would catch me trying to catch glimpses of her feet when she dangled her pumps or Loren's feet when she's kick off her flats. Miss Zoe would also catch me stealing glimpses of her SEXY BREASTS when she'd lean over.

    Miss Zoe was ready to teach me a lesson. The next time she was dangling her pump, my little baby weenie grew rock hard in my shorts and was ready to explode!  She caught me looking and told me I was to remain after school for detention. Her glasses almost threw me over the edge as she stared a hole through me.

    I knew I was going to get a paddling and/or a switching, so I was going to try and make the best of it and try to look at her SEXY TEACHER FEET while she punished me! This time I was determined to cum on her desk when she had me bent over, switching my bare bottom!

    After the bell rang, everybody else was dismissed, but I had to stay. Miss Zoe kicked of her pumps and was grading papers for about 20 minutes, letting the tension build up (IN MY BALLS!). She was sitting there, looking VERY SEXY in her glasses and was wiggling her toes, DRIVING ME CRAZY!

    She reached down and unbuttoned the top two buttons on her blouse and her big tits were bulging out of her bra! I was so turned on, I was about to burst in my underpants. Still BAREFOOTED, she got up, walked to me and yanked me up by my ear and led me to her desk.

    She sat down on the front of her desk and crossed her SEXY LEGS and told me to "STRIP!"

I knew better than to make her wait, so I quickly took off all my clothes, except my underpants. My little pecker was pointing out in the front and was dripping pre-cum!

    She looked very angry and crossed her arms and said "Take them off or I will call Ms. Agnes to come take them off for me and paddle you herself."

I didn't want that to happen, so I reached down and slowly slid them off and tried to cover my little hard on with my hands, but Miss Zoe snapped at me "HANDS ON YOUR HEAD!"

    Scared, I quickly put my hands on my head and now my little dripping penis was pointing out at her. My face was burning with shame as she just sat there and stared at it for a few moments, wiggling her toes, rotating her ankles and rocking her leg up and down. Pre-cum was dripping on the floor.

    She looked disgusted and said "You're a little foot pervert aren't you?" I didn't want to disagree with her, since I knew she knew I was, so I mumbled "Y-yes, Ma'am!" She started laughing and pointing at my little dripping weenie and said "Your little pee-pee will never satisfy a woman! HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!"

    After her laughter died down she said "I am going to allow you to jerk off your little dickie.....but DON'T YOU DARE CUM UNTIL I GIVE YOU PERMISSION! IF I give you permission. Get down on your knees!" I dropped to my knees and started rapidly jerking off between my thumb and forefinger. Miss Zoe snapped "SLOWLY! YOU BETTER NOT CUM YET!"

    I slowed down, as she ordered. I was staring at her BARE FEET and she even unbuttoned her blouse, lifted her bra and let her big boobs burst out freely. I had to stop jerking because I almost began to squirt all over her feet! She stuck her toes to my mouth and said "Put your hand behind your back and suck my toes!"

    I obeyed and started sucking every toe, being sure to lick in between each one and even licked her sole! This was about to push me over the edge. After a while, she switched feet and I started sucking the other one. I tasted the sweat from being trapped in her pumps all day!

    This REALLY TURNED ME ON! I think Miss Zoe knew from my groans that I was about to explode. She used the other foot and pinched my little blue balls with her toes! It hurt REALLY BAD andshe said "LOSE THAT LITTLE HARD ON! NOW!" Yhe pain in my balls was tremendous, but my little weenie was still hard from looking at her BIG SEXY BREASTS and her toes in my mouth!

    Miss Zoe was mad that I didn't obey her right away, so she pulled her toes out of my mouth, got up and walked around her desk. I watched her tits bounce up and down as she walked. She said "I've got the perfect thing for you, pervert!" She pulled out a blindfold out of her desk drawer. It was the kind you put on to sleep.

    Miss Zoe walked back around, tits bouncing and put it on me. I couldn't see anything now and my penie got soft instantly and I started to cry and whine. She snapped at me again as she yanked me up by my ear again and threw me over her desk...."Now I'm going to give you a good reason to cry!"

    Soon, I heard her switch whipping through the air a few times and I knew what was coming! It wasn't going to be me! I could feel her resting the switch on my bare bottom and said "I let you suck my toes and see my breasts and you disobey me like that! SHAME ON YOU! Hold the other edge of the desk and don't let go until I'm finished with You!"

    She said "I want you to count for me and after each number, I want you to say "Thank You for letting jerk my little weenie!" She thought that was hilarious. I heard the switch whoosh through the air and felt the first lash. Tears came to my eyes! It hurt SO BAD! I whimpered "One, thank you for letting me jerk my little weenie." I could hear her burst out laughing.

    Several seconds later, I felt the next one "WHOOSH...CRACK!" "Two, thank you for letting me jerk my little weenie." By the fourth one, I was screaming it. She ended up giving me 20! On about the twelfth one, I almost let go of the desk, but I knew she'd start over if I did, so I hung on.

    When it was finally over, my bottom was burning, welped and BEET RED! Miss Zoe took the blindfold off me as i was rubbing my bottom and squealing. I saw her button up her blouse and slip her pumps back on. She told me to get dressed and go home.

    As I cried and got dressed, she said "The next time I catch you looking at my feet or breast, I am going to send you to Ms. Agnes and have you lick her feet and get paddled by her." I thought "OH NO! YUCK!" Ms. Agnes is a thick legged butch looking woman with very short hair! I was going to try and not get caught looking at Miss Zoe's feet or breasts again!

    I want home and looked at the welps on my bottom in the mirror with the taste of Miss Zoe's toes still in my mouth and jerked off thinking about her breast and sucking on my SEXY TEACHER'S FEET!!!!!!! It was an earth shattering orgasm. FINALLY, I got to cum, but not how I wanted to....looking at Miss Zoe's BARE FEET while she switched me.Emoji