November 28th, 2013

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Hey you out there, read on about "What Granny Knows" about XXX and some crazy shit.  You all want to know what goes on, the sex, the lies and my gossip trips.  I'm close to the family who will fix a flat tire, change your oil, talks code bits on what you can get.  I deal with stalkers, hackers, and traders who manipulate matters.  I hear from street to high class hos complain that Wall Street ripe off her time, knickel and dimed for his happy time.  What the Fu, man bitch.  It has been donation, what's the rate, the fee, tribute, and exchange.  How about this: Wall Street abuses love tunnel and laughed with a smart man bitch calling his time a joyous fine.  More laughter.  He smiled, I'm fine with my dime, I had a great time.  I showed respect and fixed my neck.  


Recycle Bin Bitch says, "That was stupid, you smell, mouse drag over here, click!"
Unplug the microphone, throw the phone, now with real family that always matters.