December 6th, 2013

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I've changed my mind about Utah

Funny how a few words from a kind heart can change how you think and feel about Mormon ex-husband.  I have made peace with him after 30 years. It is great for me, my kids and him.  I did this for myself!!!  Utah has changed, I saw it 2 days ago.  Over 2 1/2 million people with IKA, ADOBE, NSA and APPLE store.  WOW!  It is not like it was when I was in Utah raising my kids over 30 years ago.  Like the snow, NO!  Utah is on the grid with iPhones, Google Fiber in Orem - fiberoptics.  OMgoole, Utah transformed.  Still farm town but farmers are on IPads, PC etc.  Thinking, a bored farmer in Provo, Utah could click up his Smart Phone play his favorite game or Grumpy, the cat lauhing.  Too funny.