December 12th, 2013

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My Dad was America.  He served in WWII, worked for United Airlines till he retired.  He saved and made his money work for him.  When he retired he helped his neighbors all the time till he died.  He fixed broken vacuum cleaners, bikes, lawn mowers, cars etc.  He was grounded and steady, he was America.  I want all of you to know that I am America too.  I am FREEDOM.  It is urgent to be kind with yourself, your family and good friends (assist one another).  Zoe Zane is America, the land of the free.  If find it silly that many want to destroy America but use her resources. How the enemy is froze in their hate for America. They do not see the big picture .... there is plenty for ALL of us on the planet.  Amen.

de·stroy (d-stroi)
v. de·stroyed, de·stroy·ing, de·stroys
1. To ruin completely; spoil: The ancient manuscripts were destroyed by fire.
2. To tear down or break up; demolish. See Synonyms at ruin.
3. To do away with; put an end to: "In crowded populations, poverty destroys the possibility of cleanliness" (George Bernard Shaw).
4. To kill: destroy a rabid dog.
5. To subdue or defeat completely; crush: The rebel forces were destroyed in battle.
6. To render useless or ineffective: destroyed the testimony of the prosecution's chief witness.

I'm leaving tomorrow,  a 5 day trip with special friend to Cancun.  I'm excited.  My bags are packed and Zoe Zane is International baby.  Since I update all of my sites everyone will have to wait till I get back.  Going first class on United Airlines baby.  In college, 1964, I went first class all the time, family members fly cheap since Dad worked for United.  He paid $4 dollars round trip.  When it got up to $35 dollars a trip he complained about the price increase.  Makes my funny bone tickle and giggle, so cheap.  In college, I had very little money.  I saved all my summer job money for tuition and books with one pair of shoes.  Dad sent me $35 dollars a month for living expenses and rent.  Are you shaking your head over and over.  I am!