December 15th, 2013

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Bad Boys

I had one for 17 years.  Last night, on Girl Code Cable TV, I got what bad boys are all about.  LOL. They have high sex appeal and do not say much. I like smart men, my bad boy had a high IQ and HATED it. He thought it was over rated. As said before, he was white trash, a Utah jack Mormon.  He like to cheat on you and get caught.  It got him hot when you saw him fucking another chick.  He ran off all the time and came home telling me how he cheated on me.  I was doing phone sex and in the swinging lifestyle.  He never could fuck in front of other people.  I took his unfaithful abuse ( I'm faithful and non-judgmental) .  He liked to catch me doing another guy.  One time he walked in on one of my private sessions.  OFM!  He was a hard worker, my Dad loved him, and he had a smooth way of getting your money. He fooled me with his fake love but some of my close friends saw his "quiet non- talkative cool distant" when I did porn shoots.  Bad boys look for women who have money since they have none. On the Girl Code Show a male comedian who was a normal guy, thanked bad boys for screwing up nice girl's lives so he could be with a nice girl. LOL.

Don't say much
Want your money
Have wild sex every which way with you!
Cheats on you
Gets in trouble with the law

A relationship with a bad boy never works so if you're with one, it's a given it will not last!
So enjoy the animal and the sex because that is all he has to offer.