December 28th, 2013

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Utah Business Man Mr. Nobody Begs

Miss Zoe (FDD Fetish Diva Diamond) in a private elevator as they go up to top executive floor.  He wants me to not care about him.  I'm reading VOGUE and tap my sexy heel on the rug, yawning.  Where did he go, I'm looking, I don't see him! I tell Mr. Nobody to write down all the bad things he did to his people that work under him.  He wrote down over 100, he is so ashamed.  LOL.  He deserves no praise. Since I don't see him, I blindfold his eyes.  Now he can't see me, I'm laughing.
Mature MILF Photos Movies

Dunce Boy #2

Now another one showed at my door with his dunce hat on?  I'm not surprised after a fetish Las Vegas cross-dresser wore acceptable girlie street clothes, knockie knock at my front door.  He loved to show off in public.  I grabbed the dunce boy by his arm pulling him iniside.  I wanted to beat him with his dunce hat.  Scolded him for being so careless in public.  I wrote *hore on his bottom with black marking pen for punishment.