January 9th, 2014

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Male Fan's Fantasy on a Summer Ranch

Hi Miss Zoe, I saw your photos and it made me really think about my longtime turn on fantasy. I would spend my summers on a older woman's ranch. For the first few years nothing occurred, loved to go back and spend my time every year.  She started to dress me up as her toy boy and make me sit at her feet and sleep on the floor next to her.  If I did well she allowed me to lick ........  I wanted her so bad and I know she wanted me.  She made me lay down on the floor and .........

Then a new male, ranch boss moved in and started to dominate me.  It was wild and ..... I will save that for another email.  On Friday night, 4 ranch hands showed up with us.  I had a specific job.   At the end of the night, one of the ranch hands would take HER out for the night.  I hated and loved what they did.  In my early 30's, I finally confronted HER.  My business would take me there about once or twice a month.  I called to see her planned to confront her.  When she opened the door she was naked and instinctively I dropped on my knees.......  From that day until the day she died, I would go back and spend as much time as I could with her.

Ranch Hand Toy Boy