January 28th, 2014

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Letter to My Foot Teacher

Jan 27 at 8:32 PM
Miss Zoe,
                  In issue 775, You used my story again and that was amazing! The heels and skirt You were wearing reminded me of a teacher i used to have that used to give me licks with a paddle for not turning in my homework.

    In issue 776, You had scary looking switches behind You and i imagined being before You with my hands on my head while You scold me with Your switch in hand, giving me a very small, but solid hard-on. You point and make fun of it.

    Next, You make me bend over and grab my knees. You put on Your white gym socks and sneakers right in front of me saying "No looking at my feet while I punish you!." You then come up behind me and pull down my shorts. i am terrified!

    My tiny penis is a limp noodle now because i can't see Your feet, but it is still dripping pre-cum!
You start switching me furiously, scolding me, "Boys with feet fetishes get punished SEVERELY!!!!!!!." Beating me rapidly!

    When Your arm got tired, You called Miss Agnes to come finish punishing me while You went shopping. She made me get on my knees and smell and lick her HUGE UGLY BARE FEET, smell and lick her filthy, sweaty gym socks and lick the soles of  her old dirty gym sneakers! YUCK!!!!!!!

    Then, after her  sneakers were on, she made me spread my legs, while still on my knees and place my hands on my head while she mercilessly kicked me in the balls repeatedly. i took my hand off my head and tried to  grab my balls, so we had to start over.

    She kicked me even worse after that and i fell into a curled up ball at her sneakers. She wiped her dirty shoe soles all over my face and made me stick out my tongue and clean them.

    Miss Zoe! Much love to You!!!!
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Self-love is

taking credit for what you did.

SL is surrounding yourself with people who nourish you.

It is really talking to yourself gently and lovingly.

SL is turning all your negative thoughts into positive words.