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zoezane [userpic]

Zoe Zane is Thinking

February 8th, 2014 (09:22 am)

Stock tickers for guns and prescription drug/medical companiea.  Anyone out there, hit me up on my email opforfree@yahoo.com

the best ones/winners on the market 2014?

zoezane [userpic]

Female Domination San Jose, Ca.

February 8th, 2014 (01:37 pm)

Fetish Diva Diamond, I am a maid, butler, sissy slut, full toilet, puppy, c sucker when dressed as a WH ORe to be whipped, caned, paddled, slapped, spitted, treated like a dog, a worm and earn points each month.  I crave big ones oral each day.  I must prove worthiness for you.
I need, you Mistress to take me as you wish. Your videos are awesome, you truly enjoy your dominance over sluts like myself.

I beg to be used fully! Slut Slave Sally


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