February 17th, 2014

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Weird Fetish

Greetings Ms. Zane aka Fetish Diva Diamond,

Straight to the point.

I'm a closet slave that has some seriously weird fetishes to indulge my strong fetish for women's sweaty feet and have a sexy woman fart in my face repeatedly.

NO pain. Can you? Non rushed humiliated time taking me to edge.

Your feet sweaty as possible and eat foods that make you fart. Mr. SO Ashamed!!!

I know, I'm weird for having these fetishes, don't know why I have them.  BUT, I do and have to do something.


Mr. SO A

Reason why you have weird fetishes:  when it happened your brain was excited.  Now it turns you on.  It is not weird.  FDD aka Zoe Zane