April 30th, 2014

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Submissive Letter to Fetish Diva Diamond

How are you?

I just want to say i think you are an INCREDIBLY sexy, beautiful and attractive lady!! :) And you sound very interesting too!

I love your updates...So classy, sexy, feminine and elegant! :) You look great!

I´ve always found mature women to be very sexy…Always secretly dreamed of a sexy and classy mature lady that i got to spoil and pamper....Someone just like you. :)

Do you like younger guys? :) And are you a professional domina? :) Is so, where can i look to see more of you?

I´m submissive, love the whole femdom & D/s-scene and i´ve always dreamt of being the personal slave for a really sexy, elegant and classy mature Lady like you...That´s my secret. :) Especially if you were a little spoiled and bitchy to me (or as much as you wanted to, really!), expected me to pamper you and treat you like a princess and be a perfect gentleman at all times while you treated me just like your personal servant...Making me follow you and just carry your bags while you´re shopping with my money so you wont have to carry a thing yourself, pay for everything you want, open all doors for you to treat you like a real lady...Maybe even expect me to lay my jacket over a puddle for you to walk on to keep your pretty little feet from getting wet...Or even better: expect me to lie flat on my back over the puddle myself so you could walk all over me in your expensive stilettos to not risk getting them dirty and get safely to dry land again! :) That would truly be amazing...Or having me lie flat for you everytime you wanted to sit down so you could use me as a bench and sit on my chest instead to not risk getting your pants dirty from sitting on the ground..:) Or sit comfortably on my stomach like i was just a chair - resting your back against my knees and having your feet on my face while reading, sipping a glass of wine or just filing your nails while ignoring me completely...:) Making me serve you and be at your beck and call 24/7...Come to your house and do handiwork for you, move your lawn, wait on you when you´re laying out by the pool in just a sexy thong bikini, be your personal chauffeur...Completely making me your personal servant and give you my number for you to call any day and at any hour if you ever needed anything....That´s what i secretly fantasize about...A really spoiled and bitchy, sexy mature Diva, having me completely wrapped around her finger and always used to getting her way...Making me do anything she says and serve her in any way i could…Secretly having me as her personal slave. Heaven for any submissive guy! ;) What do you think of that fetish fantasy? :)