August 9th, 2014

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do not cross me in my enchanted garden

Empress Zoe Zane my alter ego is a Domestic Diva, whose superpower is to conceive, nurture or create potential by labors of love. I'm mother to natural conditions, ideals or invention and when I hold court, I please or preserve by need or design, depending on my mood or hunger. Miss Zoe liberate dramatic results to inspire devotion, or make them over according to my own story. Today, I shall indulge the pleasure and luxurious comfort of some romantic repose or pamper a delicious obsession with room to enhance my standard or vision of beauty. I set aside trends or time to exhibit style and charm assigned by heartfelt passion or wild fantasy, but in true multi-task fashion, I support the progress of other fertile interests now poised for payoff beyond reproach, so don't cross me in my enchanted garden or I'll let you have it -- that's a promise.