August 12th, 2014

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I Want to get Hugged Out

I love big hugs full embrace heart to heart.  As a child I showed my parents how to be but ..... they NEVER saw how to love one another.  My effort was unreceived.  Both are gone now.  I know they both know what they missed out on.  Both parents had huge thick heart walls that blocked out each other.

This is what a heart can do for you and the ones you love:

The Heart Wall:
Magneto-Cardiogram measures the electrical field of heart.
The energy field of the heart, Holographic field, is 12 feet in diameter,
generates 60 to 1,000 times more power/electromagnetic energy than the brain.
Heart is most powerful organ in body.

The heart is second brain not just a blood pumper.
Heart has elaborate nervous system,
the brain in your head obeys the messages sent by the “brain” in your heart.

Love signals have measurable positive effects on the body.

When we feel love and appreciation toward someone, when we receive love and appreciation from someone else......
there are measurable effects in the blood when love and appreciation are going on.
Love to self and making your list of gratitude.
The blood is more alkaline.

The Energy Field of the Heart
Your love for someone sends a powerful electromagnetic signal to them from your heart-brain.
Your heartbeat shows up in his/her brainwaves,
revolutionary scientific finding.
There's a communication happening that is deeper than we could ever imagine that's going on all the time
between all of us, has a huge, unseen effect on our lives.

The heart is a secondary communication tool for ALL of us.

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