August 15th, 2014

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A new body, brain and attitude

Many of you know that I'm "in and out" on my book I am writing about my life.  Over and over again friends and children tell me to write your book.  I've been seeing a trauma therapist that hypnotised me.  I was right on the money about my childhood.  If anyone out there knows why we come into a certain life experience PLEASE let me know.  My list is endless and I know there are many out there who have had it worse than me.  I found away to release all negative baggage from your life/body ..... all you need to do is believe what I say and do the work that ONLY you can do for yourself.

Zoe Zane
funny mature zoe zane porn star

An Addictive Heart Wall

Since you did not get love from parents, to live and be alive, you create addictive behaviors for that love like sugar, food, religion, exercise, sex, etc.  I found this out today.

I have searched on the Internet about sexual abuse for under 1 years old, found nothing.
I have not found much information how a mother potty trained a baby by six months old.

Let me know if you found any information in a private email please.