August 16th, 2014

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Time does not heal all wounds

Hi Zoe Zane,

You’ve probably heard it said that time heals all wounds, but this is not necessarily true. You may think you have let go of all your emotional pain from prior relationships, and maybe you’ve had therapy to deal with it. It may seem like it’s all behind you now, but your body can literally be inhabited by the invisible energies of old emotions. These are wounds that time alone cannot and will not heal. They can cause you to act and feel differently in your current relationships and may even cause you to sabotage them.

When a trapped emotion is released, a burden is literally lifted. In fact, people often experience a feeling of lightness upon the release of a trapped emotion. I was recently told about a young boy who had some trapped emotions released. It just so happened that he had weighed himself before his session, so he knew his exact weight. When the session was over, he immediately weighed himself again and was baffled that his weight had not changed. He couldn't understand how he could still weigh the same, exclaiming to his mother that he knew he had to be "at least 5 pounds lighter!"