August 27th, 2014

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Invisible Energy - Emotions

Hi, all my special friends on the Internet and real life.  I've been traveling this year meeting fans who waited long for my special attention.  In between those special moments, I've been doing the body and emotional code.  Already erased many trapped emotions that were stored in my body.  After I left the LDS church, I set out to undo damage of my joyless family and LDS church ..... ALL those subconcious negative programs. I dug my hoofs deep to fix me.  Many times I wondered why I didn't get fixed. I did this self work/theraphy and more cream pies in my face.  Not laughing, more like tons of mud.  What's up sister?   You've heard time heals all wounds.  WRONG!  Time does not heal ALL wounds.  I've been successful at anything I wanted to do.  Thank archangel Michael for courage.  But I'd sabotage myself.  My big feelings, so-frustrated, crap-olla baby.  I'd pulled myself up again, determined.  A close friend was stricken with a hopeless health problem (western doctors did not have a why or a fix). That person used the body code, got rid of hidden, invisible emotions to better health.  I thought, give it a shot.  Whoot-ever. My wings battered with a weak song and my Grumpy Cat keychain that said, "It's not me.  It's you!". blah blah blah .....

It's working.  I have more emotions to get ride of, but MANY trapped emotions are gone.  Here is a email from Dr. Bradley Nelson a few months ago about a new way to transfom yourself.  It was a download from Intelligent Source to ALL of US.

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Click this link for the body code

Dear Miss Zoe,

The concept of a Trapped Emotion can be strange if you've never heard of it before, especially if you're not familiar with energy work.

But I think the reason that The Emotion Code is catching on is because people like you understand what it means to have emotional baggage.

So let me ask you - Do you have emotional baggage that is holding you back from the life you really want?

The truth is that the "emotional baggage" we often refer to actually consists of trapped emotions.

Let me explain...

Just about everyone has some amount of emotional baggage from painful life events, right? It's not all in your head!

Emotional baggage is very real, and although it's invisible, it can really mess up your happiness, your success and your health.

It's like lugging around a suitcase from every difficult event you've gone through- eventually the load gets too heavy not to notice.

I call each "suitcase" a Trapped Emotion- a bit of emotional energy that was created, by you, during an emotional event, that got stuck in your body somewhere.

Trapped Emotions are literally like balls of energy, vibrating at different frequencies depending on what the emotion is (for example, Anger is a different vibration than Sadness or Insecurity).

Trapped Emotions are negative, destructive vibrations, and tend to affect the body wherever they lodge, creating pain and malfunction of bodily tissues, even disease.

They can also cause depression, anxiety and loads of emotional problems.

Trapped Emotions sure can make life miserable, but you can get rid of them using The Emotion Code and lighten your load for good!