August 30th, 2014

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S T A R Card: Immortal Zoe Zane

The Star card suggests that my alter ego today is the Goddess, whose superpower for rising to the occasion lies in my innate ability for inspiration. I will pursue my dreams and what makes me happy -- life's too short. I will allow time for me today. I may even get my fifteen minutes of fame by seeking recognition from others and striving to sparkle in the limelight. Find your cosmic groove, and go for it!
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2 Weeks

My battle is almost done.

At two weeks old my heart was broken.  Infants may be tiny in body but very adult in spirit.  They know when something is wrong.  For many who do not believe in God. trust me I feel yah.  From birth till 24 years old I believed in God.  When the ex Mormon husband called me an apostate of the LDS church it broke my insides.  I felt God had forsaken me.  The ex's battering words beat me down deep.

Here are the emotions I had in my 2 week infant glass heart wall 50 feet.  At that moment of emotional horror, I created an addictive heart wall to save myself.  An addictive heart is created for love not received from parents.   Addictions like sugar, exercise, not giving yourself time off or be nice to yourself etc.  I was not into drugs or alcohol, thank myself ..... O M-Goo

depression (infants can be depressed)
effort unreceived


I know there are other people out there that had this happen to them.  You are not alone (infant sexual abuse)

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infant sexual abuse