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zoezane [userpic]

Sun Moon Truth

September 19th, 2014 (04:15 pm)

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.


I agree Buddah. Zoe Zane seeks truth from All sources, from ALL SOURCE.

What did I learn from the mind controlling, mentor LDS Mormon church?
If you're a leader, 99.9% LDS member's are followers.
I'm not a follower and went against myself.

What did I learn from my mentor, Bull Father? He was a hard worker and dependable. He made sure his first born child, that's me, Zoe Zane was an adult star. The movie title, "Shame You". Children are the center of the Universe. I thought it was all my fault. The Bull destroyed his family. Members of the LDS church keep secrets hidden about child sex abuse. How did they hide the secret? It was never talked about, like it never happened. I can not talk to my brothers and sisters what he did. But I can talk to all of you.

Was it my fault? Grumpy Cat, says NO


zoezane [userpic]

(no subject)

September 19th, 2014 (11:51 pm)

current mood: happy

Temperance Zoe suggests my alter ego today is the Mediator, whose superpower for negotiation lies in her innate ability to create the right chemistry within a particular situation. She is a continual work in progress. Strives for equality, balance and compatibility -- driven by her nnate sense of fairness. This provides a certain degree of predictability in her actions, and is her recipe for success. As in all things truly worthwhile in life, love is an art, sketched and painted atop a canvas of mutual respect. Such a foundation allows only for the occasional brush stroke to cover a mixed message or misunderstanding, and avoid use of the paint roller. Take it one day at a time, valuing all things with such an openness as to provide not only the proper balance, but to allow for proper action when needed.

A tiny word makes years of hardship evaporate, go poof. That one word is "Hi".

You know the unconditional love you've demonstated is breakiung down that 200 foot cement wall.

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