November 5th, 2014

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Helichrysum My Mostest Favorite Oil

There is a huge variety of chemical compositions between the different species H. angustifolim, H. stoechas (Spain, France, H. italicum (Italian, H italicaum var. serotinum (Corsica), H. bracteaflorum (Madagascar)..  The H. italicum variety is known as the curry plant and can be purchased from local nurseries.  The H. italicum is the most widely used of the helichrysums.




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Mature MILF Photos Movies

Breathe 24 times

If you have pain relax, close your eyes, and breathe deep 24 times, and center your mind on your breathing… thus removing your thoughts from your pain.

Many time pain will disappear in the first 24 breaths, but if it persists take another 24 breaths that are even deeper… and soon the pain will flow away.

If the pain persists repeat the process until relaxed and sleeping deeply.

Many times pain is create by “Tension Syndrome Myositis” which entails muscles and tendons being so tight that they compress nerves and vessels and don’t allow blood to flow. This creates pain because toxic waste builds up in tissues and nerves are compressed.