November 9th, 2014

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Zoe Zane Membership ebook "My Nefarious Hell Before Porn"

All the secrets I keep from myself.  How in 2014 with a traurma counscelor corrected my shame brain programs, Zoe Zane NO secrets.  When you keep secrets that's 911@ 24/7.  Read how my parents who have passed on have been communicating with me.  They are not dead.  Yeah, I've been labeled insane but my parents talked to me, NOT me to them.  In fact after my Dad died, I heard his voice a few months after and scared me silly.  His voice rang in my head for hours.  But if you are not into the dead tose it.  I never had a love connection with either parent.  Before Dad died I made a big effort to get connected.  A psychic girlfriend told me that Dad and Mom were protecting me.  Mom reassured Dad I was doing a great job with my living children.  Finally, I get postive feedback from the dead.  Grin.