November 13th, 2014

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Zoe Zane Scent leader says ..... take me to your laider (leader)

The Hierophant card affirms my alter ego is mandated to practice what I preach as both a First Among Equals and Disciple to its network or fold. Dual port-keys decode my superpowers to account and self-preserve, bound to conform by faith or rights under equal protection, or resist to re-balance high-handed architecture that's on the brink of collapse under its own culture, hypocrisy and crossed virtues. Being in or out of the Barnyard Pageant sets a line or oath between 'us' and 'them' but today's dose of theatrical humility, passive climate or organized troubles lends credibility or continuity by promoting rank and file image. By popular demand I bow to the master or am compelled to honor a blueprint, uniform or code of common decency to get to the top or bottom of it. Take me to your leader and I'm inclined to condescend to acquiesce to a request, unless inconsistent with house rules.

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Mature MILF Photos Movies

Chocolate Bar

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Your New Nutrient-Dense and Sugar-Free Chocolate Bar!

It’s no secret that chocolate and coffee share many of the same amazing performance-boosting benefits…

From potent antioxidants…

• To fighting brain fog and upping your mood…

• And even giving your skin a healthy ‘glow’…

Chocolate is one of the world’s most Bulletproof foods… BUT…

Just like coffee, chocolate can be a double-edged sword.

Eat the right chocolate, and it will fuel you with clean-burning energy for hours…

Bite into the wrong bar? And it can sabotage you with everything from headaches to joint pain.

Why the Jekyll and Hyde effect?

Sadly, chocolate also shares the same mold toxin contamination that plagues most coffee…

In fact, the farming and processing techniques behind most of the chocolate on store shelves leave it even MORE vulnerable to mold (one study found proven carcinogen Ochratoxin A in 98% of chocolate samples tested!).

That means every time you reach for a chocolate bar hoping for a quick lift, you’ve got about even odds of either feeling Bulletproof… or blah.

Yes, Europe has higher mold standards for both coffee and chocolate – so you can improve your chances by picking a European bar that’s at least 85% “dark”…

Yet in my experience… about one time in five, you’ll still end up with a “dirty” bar. And because you can’t see or smell these toxins – only feel their effects once it’s too late…

It can feel like you’re playing chocolate roulette.

After years of picking the short straw, even with the ‘finest’ high-quality chocolate available… I knew that just like coffee, there was only one way to ensure a supply of chocolate that would make you feel Bulletproof every single time:

First, it meant going straight to the source and scouring South America’s chocolate farms for contamination-free cacao beans that could meet the most rigorous Bulletproof testing standards...

Then, with these clean cacao beans in hand… there was still one crucial challenge: Making the world’s cleanest cacao into a rich, delicious chocolate BAR you can take with you anywhere.

And after months of lab testing (and taste-testing)… I’m excited to finally introduce Bulletproof® Chocolate Bars made with 100% clean ingredients, including…

• Organic cacao (the same lab-tested cacao found in our cacao powder and cacao butter)…

• Bulletproof XCT oil to give your body and brain even more clean-burning fuel…

• And delicious UpgradedSweet™ sweetener that combines non-GMO xylitol and erythritol to give Bulletproof® Chocolate bars the same rich, sweet taste you expect from the highest quality chocolate without the performance-robbing effects of sugar…

These bars come 3 to a box, and they’ll last up to a year without any refrigeration so you carry them anywhere – into a meeting or onto a plane – to give you a Bulletproof meal’s worth of energy and focus on-demand.

PLUS… right now, when you stock up on four boxes or more, you can save 10% by entering the coupon code CHOCOLATE10 at the checkout (the coupon only works with 4 or more boxes).

Just don’t wait to grab yours: Because supplies of cacao beans that meet our strict testing and quality standards are always in short supply… don’t be surprised if you come back to find us out of stock.

And there’s nothing worse than having to wait for chocolate… So click here to reserve yours right now, so you can enjoy your first bite and discover the incredible unfair advantage the right chocolate adds to your Bulletproof day.

Stay Bulletproof,

Dave Asprey

P.S. The taste of our new Bulletproof Chocolate Bars is similar to a typical 70%+ chocolate – so if you like “dark” chocolate, you’ll love the flavor.