December 14th, 2014

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Clearing a household, get rid of everything not needed - Lemongrass

Powerful cleanser of energy, one can commit to a healing path where change is regular occurance.
Despells despondancy, despair, lethargy.

Let go of the old, toxic, negative, limiting beliefs.

Use less.


Uses: Analgesic, (less is more), antibacterial, anticancer,
antidepressant, antiseptic, antifungal, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic,
arterial vasodilator, mild diuretic, expectorant, antiviral, bactericide, carminative (settles
digestion, relieves flatulence, intestinal cramping) deodorant, reduces fevers,
nervine (stimulates and strengthens the nervous system) tonic, (invigorates and
strengthens the body) insect repellant.
Excellent effectiveness - Staph infections, bladder infections, fluid retention, kidney
disorders, lymphatic drainage, strengthens vascular walls. Reduces bad cholesterol,
improves digestion, improves eyesight, repairs ligaments, wakes up the lymphatic system,
great for tissue regeneration. Regulates parasympathetic nervous system, improves
digestion, relieves acne, symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, H-Pylori reducer (a
pathogen responsible for gastroduodenal disease), purifies lymphatic system and digestive
system, eliminates some parasites.
Lemongrass Oil can improve your athletic performance by increasing blood circulation.
(Brings highly oxygenated cells from your lungs to enhance the energy you need for a
better physical performance.)

After exercising, is very helpful in promoting the relief of
build up of lactic acid in the muscles that can cause cramping or ―Charlie horse.
Pain can happen anywhere in your body, but it takes your brain to register that it’s
happening. Tells your brain
to pretend that the pain isn’t there. Lemongrass acts similar to the sedative opiate drugs
that are derived from opium to act on the brain without affecting your central nervous
system. Lemongrass Oil depresses the higher, cerebral cortex, part of your brain (and
cough center) so that the pain sensations don’t get registered.