January 7th, 2015

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Rants by Zoe

Time is now, rants about the Mormon LDS Church.  On YOUTUBE, I watched a female, a writer about false LDS Church doctrine and her excommunication.  She could not tolerate the injustice placed on the Mormon community.  In court, no one can go with you in front of 16 high LDS Church leaders.  She saw against her, a desk pile of information compiled by church lawyers.  If YOU ever blast the church you will be excommunicated (sounds like Hitler).  After I divorced the ex-Mormon husband, I was called to a chuch court by the witch hunter bishop in my ward (assigned territory for members is a ward). Ex-husband nowhere and my parents shunned me after the divorce.  It was me and my kids.  All my neighbors turned their backs on us.  Excommunication by the Mormon LDS Church is a vicious crime.

I did not go to my church court hearing.  A bishop in his car snuck over to watch my life.  I caught him.  Furious, I walked over as he rolled down his car window.  I told him to get lost and take his condemning temple garments back to his Holy Fucker high priesthood leaders.  He left like chicken shit.

Blogged before, High Church Leaders must not go against the Holy Ghost, whatever that is?  I heard that all my life in the church.  They can not murder anyone.

The holy ghost is really intuition which we all have.  Those leaving the church, are they using the Holy Ghost to get out? I bet the leaders say it's going against the Holy Ghost.  I feel for my kids who are deep in the Church.  I see them suffering because of social pressures of the Mormon lifestyle.

Statical facts (memberships), the LDS Church, Mormonism is going down.  When, I do not know.  It does not matter.  Yes, the members are good people who are lead astray by deceitful old, rich men. The truth will stand up to LDS church.  I'm relieved and at peace.  After writing my rant, I'm aware how much shame, fear and guilt has run my llife.  It will take sometime for me to clear the fear dust to love dust.  A second?  Yes. I've been frozen in cement shoes to speak out, to have a voice.  I now have a voice and support from people on YOUTUBE.  Thank you everyone.

Another rant to the arguing Atheist who sees the Mormon's as nice people and loves to rile me up.  Bitch, I'm DIVA.  HA HA HA 
zoe zan blogger zoe zane zoe diva diamon

Trauma Therapist Monday Night

Therapist, she was glad I posted my thoughts about Mormon LDS Church on YOUTUBE.  She said, "You have a voice, that's good."  You will not find my YOUTUBE posts.  I must "not have a face" my kids are still in the church.  Zo-word, NO face off.  I will not EVEN try for one second tell the kids the church is going down.  2014, I have seen the signs in family gathering.  If I try to change my kids it will cause more cha·os.  I'm about love not fear.  My kids have had it hard, the divorce and excommunication (we were torn from each other).  Last year 2014, I found out I was taken offa church member roles and excommunicated in 1987.  You're to be informed, I was not.  Shows us, LDS Church has NO RESPECT for single mom's with children.  My baby daughter, went on mission for LDS Church, saw how the leaders did not care about her Mom.  She made comment, no respect.

All my rants are trailors for my book "My Life Before and Not the Hereafter"