January 8th, 2015

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Rant on Zoe

MAD RANTS by Zoe Zane

It makes me mad, really mad, so mad how Alexander the Great copied bible whore (unoriginal beasts). Again, those beasty men made selling sex a crime.  I give them credit for not stoning the whore. These beasts desired to stick, hated to pay.  Mading, mad!

I threw myself down, I'm so mad.  I don't get it how sex workers think they are better than one another.  More mad!  All sex workers provide a service.  Dominatrix, porn star, street girl, high class call girl, escort, strippers and phone sex girl.  What about amateur housewives working out of their homes doing tricks?  Live cam girls etc etc etc.  Am I making some of the sex workers really mad?

More mad rants.....
What about massage and body rub?  They THINK they are better than all of the sex workers.  Cover up words for whore (backpage.com)

Madly mad and more mad, Zoe Zane!  ha ha ha


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