February 10th, 2015

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Negative to Positive - minus to plus

Fly light on your magic carpet of high energy. Feel it, all good things come your way. Emotional body shifts to positive perspectives. Your body vibration lowers, energy dips when you think or say negative of yourself.  Positive:  I am great.

The repeating negative cycle, the body will get sick, attract people, situations to lower energy.  Take responsibility and shift to higher levels of thinking, your energy will turn around, points in the right direction.  Positive:  I am great.

Tricks to shift, re-frame your perspective:

*  Everytime bad memory/negative feelings come up, STOP it.  Ask, what good did you create from this situation? What gifts? A powerful perspective?

*  Have a problem or mindset, can't solve current level of thinking, imagine traveling five years to "future of new me".  Visualize, view your life as a    whole. Envision looking upon your whole life as one continuum than separate series of events.  Ask "future new me" how to handle this situation.  Trust, the wisdom and knowledge your "future new me" holds.

*  Worst-case scenarios for current situation, make list of best case scenarios.

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zoe zan blogger zoe zane zoe diva diamon

The Right Chocolate

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner…

It's no coincidence that February is National Chocolate Lover's Month

Celebrate Chocolate Lover’s Month With 10% Off Bulletproof Chocolate Powder (No Coupon Code Needed)

Review: I love the Chocolate Powder… Now I can't get enough of it, and it has effectively ruined most other chocolate for me!

Sadly, though… there’s usually a price to pay for celebrating this delicious holiday.

Because even though chocolate is one of the world’s most Bulletproof foods…

Just like coffee, it can be a double-edged sword.

Eat the right chocolate, and it will fuel you with clean-burning energy for hours…

While the wrong chocolate can sabotage you with everything from headaches to joint pain…

Or put a quick end to a romantic evening.
Celebrate Chocolate Lover’s Month With 10% Off Bulletproof Chocolate Powder (No Coupon Code Needed)

Review: I love it. Having a bp coffee everyday with the chocolate powder in it has ended my after dinner binge on some kind of commercial or even homemade dessert.


That’s why Bulletproof process chocolate contains only the world’s cleanest cacao hand-picked from carefully selected South American farms…

So you can enjoy all the amazing nutrients found only in minimally processed raw chocolate like…

• Theobromine – a close cousin of caffeine that gives you long-lasting, crash-free energy…

• Flavenoids – proven in multiple studies to boost blood circulation, protect your heart and even give your skin a healthy glow…

• Epicatechin – an anti-aging compound that stimulates the creation of new mitochondria in your cells…

And many more with benefits from lifting brain fog and upping your mood to reducing your appetite and fighting inflammation…

All without any of the performance-robbing sugar, chemicals and mold toxins that normally come along for the ride.
Celebrate Chocolate Lover’s Month With 10% Off Bulletproof Chocolate Powder (No Coupon Code Needed)

Review: I make my own chocolate and the quality of this powder makes the best tasting bars of any I've used!! It also makes me feel great too.

Blend it with your morning cup of Bulletproof coffee for a smooth, rich mocha… into an afternoon protein shake for a delicious chocolate pick-me-up… or use it to “upgrade” your favorite chocolate recipes.

Just don’t wait to grab yours: Supplies of cacao beans that meet strict Bulletproof testing and quality standards are always in short supply…

And there’s nothing worse than having to wait for chocolate… So click here to reserve yours right now, and…

Stay Bulletproof,

Dave Asprey

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