March 5th, 2015

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forgiving the perpetrator to free yourself

Angel Therapy - Doreen Virtue Newsletter
Guilt clips our wings, and keeps us from flying higher in our lives. Ask God and the angels to help you let it go.
This week’s angel card reading discusses how being discontented can push you to make improvements in your life. It’s so true! We can either give in to disappointments, or use them as incentives to push us forward.

Choosing to make a positive change requires the faith that you can do it. I find it helpful to focus upon God working through me. I believe in God’s power, and this power is within me, you, and everyone. So, it’s not about self-confidence—it’s about God-confidence!

This shift in perspective makes it easy to have steady confidence about making life changes. Remember that every important change happens one step at a time. So, keep your focus upon the guidance you’re receiving in this present moment. Follow that guidance, and you’ll receive the next moment’s guidance.

By focusing on this moment’s guided actions, the future takes care of itself. You don’t need to know everything about a plan, before you embark upon it. You just need to start…and then listen for and follow guidance as you go.

If you’d like to watch this week’s reading, it’s easy to find on the front page of my website

Angel Therapy Heart FEATURED EXCERPT
Daily Guidance from Your Angels
I Want to Share My Vision With You
Meditation Excerpted from Angel Detox

Last week, I had a profoundly clear vision about the importance of forgiving yourself. In the vision, I saw some men whose actions had hurt many people. I could see no inner light within these men, just their dense physical form with no joy, peace, or Divine light within them. They were reaching heavenward for forgiveness. The message was that these men had to forgive themselves. They could be forgiven by God, everyone that they’d hurt, and all of heaven…but until they forgave themselves, their light would be dim. And their light was SO dim that I could barely see it.
This vision underscored the importance of releasing blame, shame, and guilt toward ourselves. We’ve all taken actions that we would probably do differently if we had a do-over option. The point is to learn from these experiences, instead of beating ourselves up with guilt.

So I was guided to make a free meditation video to give you support in releasing any old toxic guilt, shame or blame.

Unforgiveness is one of the biggest blocks to spiritual gifts. The energy attached to it is so dense and so low that it pulls you below the frequency of your angels. When you’re mired in a state of unforgiveness, it’s difficult to hear, see, feel, or know the guidance that God is sending you.

There’s a reason why every spiritual path and religion touts the value of forgiveness. By refusing to forgive, you’re only hurting your own Divine light. Your inner light is more beautiful than you can imagine. It glows with a high vibrancy that shines like a lighthouse in the dark. Your soul’s light can never be extinguished, but when you hold on to unforgiveness, you place a blanket of darkness over that light. It’s still shining, but now it has become harder to connect with. The angels also describe unforgiveness as a dam in a river that halts the flow of your body’s healing energy.

The process of forgiveness is simple, but the journey to accepting it can be challenging. When forgiving yourself or another, you choose to release negative energy that has attached itself to you. You aren’t saying that what the other person did to you is okay; you’re just releasing and forgiving the perpetrator to free yourself. You are choosing to release the pain and power this other person has had over you. It’s now time to claim back your strength and affirm your peaceful future.

Depending on your healing journey, this concept may be difficult to understand right now, so try not to let judgement distract you. 

When you help yourself and rise above darkness, you’ll see that we’re all Divinely connected and come from the same Source. Our essence, our souls, come from the same loving Creator. When connecting to this concept, visualize the other person as a small, innocent baby. When you do so, the process of forgiving becomes easier.

The angels ask you this question, “Would you rather exchange your pain for peace?” By refusing to forgive, you’re only causing yourself pain and suffering.

This affirmation helps to loosen the bonds of emotional pain:

I am willing to exchange my pain for peace as I forgive.

Say this to yourself to dissolve blocks to receiving your angelic healing.

Meditation for Forgiving Others

Quiet your mind by focusing on your breathing. Take very deep, slow inhalations and exhalations. Count to four as you breathe in. Then breathe out on a count of four. Continue this breath work for several minutes. Once you feel sufficiently relaxed and centered, call upon your angels:

“Dear God and Angels, I ask you to please support me with your healing energies and guidance.”

Feel their calming presence around you. Next, visualize yourself in a safe yet private area. You might imagine a mountaintop, a peaceful river, or a warm and inviting beach. See your angels with you in your mind’s eye. They’re here to protect and support you during this release.

Now, invite the person you’re willing to forgive to join you in this safe space. Sense his/her energy meeting you in calmness. This is your opportunity to say everything your mind and body has been holding on to. Express yourself fully to the other person, knowing that it’s safe for you to do so. If you feel emotions surface, allow them to arise. Release them as part of your healing. You might also ask the other person questions. Wait patiently for a response. You’ll receive it as feelings, words, visions, or thoughts. This individual’s energy will be giving you the answer. You can ask your angels to help you understand what’s being said, and they can help you release pain from the answers you might receive. When this visualization is complete, call the angels to your side. Visualize them sending healing energy to both of you. Next, say:

“We are One in this divine healing love. I now choose to heal my thoughts and feelings toward you, toward myself, and toward our time spent together.”

You’ll instantly feel dense, lower energy leaving your body. This meditation doesn’t focus upon blame, which is a lower and unhelpful energy, but instead about detoxing yourself of old stored-up anger. After all, holding onto these energies only hurts you, and not the other people involved in the hurtful situation. Forgiveness work is powerful and cleansing. After following these meditations, please be gentle with yourself. Let yourself rest, and follow your body’s messages with respect to food and drink.
Angel Therapy Heart FEATURED VIDEO
Free Self-Forgiveness Meditation
I recorded this meditation to help you to detox from any guilt, shame, or blame so that your light can shine even brighter.

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