March 13th, 2015

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Strange gut-brain-thyroid connection (and how to hack it)

While it might seem like food cravings are "all in your head"...

Functional medicine nutritionist Tom Malterre has spent his career battling food addictions where they really live: in your gut.

And if you’ve ever tried to go “cold turkey” on gluten only to find yourself daydreaming about grilled cheese sandwiches, make sure you listen in to discover…

• The “opiate-like peptide” connection that turns food cravings into addictions…

• Hacking your gut biome with broccoli…

• How to “detox” from the two most reactive foods in your refrigerator… and…

• Could your shampoo be giving you food allergies?

==>All on Bulletproof Radio – Tom Malterre: Gluten, The Gut Microbiome & The Elimination Diet

Plus… How can a head injury give you a leaky gut or trigger an autoimmune response?

Holistic health expert Jen Wittman joins the show to reveal…

• The strange gut-brain-thyroid connection (and how to hack it)…

• Why Ricki Lake is making a documentary about medical marijuana…

• The link between THC and adrenal fatigue…

And much more…

==>On Bulletproof Radio – Jen Wittman: Thyroid, PTSD & Medicinal Cannabis

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zoe zan blogger zoe zane zoe diva diamon

Emotion and Body Code - Clear emotions and inflammation out of your thyroid

Bullet Proof diet goes right along with the emotion and body code by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

2014 Zoe Zane did a inside out, turn over on her entire body.

My thyroid was hyper.
Over active.

I did over 5 hours of clearing emotions and inflammation from my thryroid that was distorted, out of wack, had no voice.  Now I have a voice.
My hidden name was "abandoned inflammation".  Laughs.  I want to thank Theresa in Santa Cruz who helped me get my shit together.  Love you, girl.
Doing bikram yoga saved my gall bladder.  Years of no voice shut me down down down.

I am thrilled I found these incrediable cutting edge health progeams that gives you life.

I have more to tell, save it for another day.

Waves of Love, Zoe Zane