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zoezane [userpic]

Rihanna Plays Pranks Zoe Zane Pranks Like to Watch Men Dance

April 17th, 2015 (04:17 pm)

current mood: hyper

"Bitch Better Have My Money" RIHANNA & Jimmy Kimmel Show

almost peed my white panties, watch this video. ----@!#$%^&* )))))))) cackling out of control ((((((((   Rihanna play pranks when bored.  YES.  At BYU, Mormon Church college, was giving a church calling as the BIRTHDAY Party Girl.  I had to come up with creative ways to celebrate people's birthdays.

Early morning, birthday prank, I crawled over a fence, through a bedroom window, woke this guy up blowing bubbles in his birthday face. So hard not to laugh as he woke up.
Half asleep he would wipe his face off.  (he he he he he )  I jumped off the bed, jumping up and down singing happy birthday.  Kicking my legs high into the air. Blow dem bubbles more more more.  We were happy togeher at 5:30AM.  I'm sure he was thinking about something else.  Not my bubbles but my long dancer legs and big smile?  Zoe Zane Actress, Producer, Writer Inzane Productions

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